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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

This is not the most exciting part of your build but definitely crucial to its success. Depending on whether or not you bought a used van you will want to totally clean it out. Obviously if it is used, this is going to take some more TLC.

After emptying the van, you are going to want to address any rust issues. In my van, there were some rust spots on the floor that needed to be taken care of. I had never repaired rust or done any type of work like this so I learned as I went.

The first step is to get any of the loose rust out of there. This is done simply with a screwdriver to knock those loose pieces off. Keep in mind it is smart to always wear a mask during this step. Once the pieces are knocked loose, you will want to use a drill attachment like this one to clean the remaining area. Now, we are going to cover up the rust spots to ensure the floor is level and no moisture will come up into the van.

I sprayed the holes and any remaining rust with this rust eliminator. Place a wire mesh over the hole and use this bondo to cover the holes. Make sure that it is totally covered. Once dried, sand down the bondo for an even finish. Repeat this for any and all holes/rust spots on your van.

Next is cleaning! Everyone knows how to clean...right? I used this cleaner to completely wipe down the van. Now that your van is clean we can move on. Thank goodness that was boring but you are probably going to have to do this cleaning a couple more times though out the build.

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