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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Ok now we are getting going! This step is quite nerve racking for someone (like me at the time!) that had never done this. Cutting a hole in the sheet metal on the top of your van can be scary but if you follow these steps you will have nothing to worry about!

Make sure that you do this when the weather is supposed to be clear for a few days or you have someone inside to store the van.

Here we go. I chose to place the fan over the bed area on the back of the van. I did this for two reason. The first being that I like it cool when I sleep and the second that I needed enough room for my solar panels. The maxx van I used is 14 x 14. So to ensure I didn’t screw this up I first cut a hole in a piece of ply board laying around and fit the fan to that. Phew it worked. Now for the true test.

I measured out the 14x14 square on the top of the van and used a large drill bit to put holes in the four corners. Make sure that the holes you drill are on the inside of the cut as shown below.

Next is to get out out the jig saw and start cutting! Start the jig saw in the pre drilled holes and go slow. Make sure you have the correct metal jig saw blade and cut away. I stayed on the inside of the lines. It's always better to have to cut more than to have a hole that is too big!

Once you have the 14x14 hole cut out on the top of the van, place your max fan in!

Next is to drill in the screws provided around the edges of the maxx van to secure it into place.

Once it is secured, I used this self leveling sealant. You don't want to wake up to a nice drip of water on your face on a stormy night in Yosemite. Luckily for me, it rained a few days after I did the install and there were no leaks! I hope the same goes for you!

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