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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I only almost fell off the roof of the van three times installing these panels so I am calling that a win.

During this installation I used:

- 3 100 watt solar panels

- Renogy MC4 Y branch connectors

- Renogy 10awg cable adapter kit

- Renogy Z brackets

- ABS double backs entry gland

- Sikaflex 221

Important! Do not hook up the panels to the charge controller until the batteries are connected.

The first thing I did was get the panels onto the roof and wire them together in parallel using the Y branch connectors. Wiring in parallel means I wired the positive wires together and the negative wires together.

The reason I decided on wiring in parallel over series is simply because if the panels are wired in series and there is some shade on one panel, it will affect the whole system. In parallel, only that one panel with the shade will be affected.

Once the panels were wired together, I secured them to the roof with the Renogy Z brackets and covered the edges/screws with the Sikaflex.

Next I drilled the hole in the roof for the entry gland and secured it to the roof of the van with the Sikaflex, fed the wires through the entry gland and down into the van. Just be sure that your entry gland/panels are placed in the right spot so that the wires feed right down to where your electrical system will be!

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