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Updated: Jan 10, 2020

I am going to start off by saying I am not sure yet if this is a necessary part of converting your van. After doing some research, I made the decision that this was going to be a part of my build. While you are driving down the road to your next national park, there are going to be a lot of bumps in the round and the thought is that this sound deadener is going to help with some of that rattling.

I chose to use this sounded deader. Installation is super easy. The only thing you have to make sure of is that the area you are placing the sound deadener on is clean. If you read the last post this won’t be an issue!

It is pretty much peal and place the sound deadener. Once it is down I used this roller to ensure its going to stay put and actually do what is intended to do. I put it on the back wheel housings as well as the back doors and the walls of the van. I will update this post after a few months on the road to let you know if it is worth doing!

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